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XML for <SCRIPT> includes a number of tools that make development easier.

The Sample Code (Tools) pages have the following structure:

Overview: Introduction and layout of the Tools Sample Code
Server-Side Proxies: Loading XML from web sites outside your domain
Load Local XML Data: Loading XML from your originating domain without a proxy
Saving XML: Saving and Retrieving XML to the client's hard drive via cookies
Escaping XML: Escaping XML into Valid HTML and Back

These tools make it both possible and easy to extract, save and manipulate XML from a variety of data sources. The xmlIOLoadXMLViaProxy functions described in the "Documentation" -> "Server-Side Proxies" section of the website are particularly useful for getting and manipulating data such as RSS news feeds that originate outside of your domain.

For a more in-depth overview of XML for <SCRIPT>'s tools, you are highly encouraged to look at the source code for these example applications. These example applications demonstrate "real life" usage of the tools and give a very good overview of the capabilities of the code.