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XML for <SCRIPT> includes a number of add-ons that have been contributed by it's user community.

The Contributed Add-ons pages have the following structure:

Overview: Introduction and layout of the Contributed Add-ons section
XPath: An XPath processor for the W3C Parser
LinkChecker: Java-based HTML Link validity checker
Recordset Wrapper: XML DOM wrapper exposing a recordset-like interface

XML for <SCRIPT> has received a number of useful code contributions since it was introduced. The "Contributed Add-ons" section of the website contains a repository of some of these enhancements.

These contributions have not yet been fully documented or tested and are not part of the core distribution of XML for <SCRIPT>. However, following the Free Software philosophy of "release early-release often", they are provided here as-is so the greater community may take advantage of them as quickly as possible.

Contributions of code, documentation, sample applications and test suites are always welcome!