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Loading Local XML Data

XML for <SCRIPT>'s server-side proxies allow JavaScript developers to load XML data from any domain on the Internet. However, for instances when the XML data that needs to be loaded resides on the same domain as the web page and its JavaScript (i.e. the local web server), the extra complexity involved with the server-side proxies may not be desired. In situations such as these, XML for <SCRIPT> provides an API that allows for XML data to be loaded from the local web server without the need to use the server-side proxies.

NOTE: This API is fully documented in the "Documentation" -> "Tools" section of the web site.

NOTE: If you are using Konqueror, you will need version 3.03 or higher to use these functions. Opera users must use Opera 7 or higher.

For an example of the functionality provided by this interface, click the button below.