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Saving and retrieving XML

In many instances, it is nice to be able to save an XML stream onto a client's hard drive. Sadly (or thankfully, depending on your perspective) this is made difficult if not impossible to do by the browsers. Each browser does have methods allowing this type of activity, but these methods are not cross platform and can raise serious security concerns with users.

XML for <SCRIPT> attempts to resolve this situation by providing an API for saving, retrieving and listing XML streams using cookies. This API allows programmers to save data for a specified period of time and retrieve that data when needed. This technique works both in on-line and off-line mode thus allowing applications to function even when a user is away from the network. It is not a requirement to save XML, any string data is supported by the interface.

NOTE: This API is fully documented in the "Documentation" -> "Tools" section of the web site.

NOTE: If you are using Konqueror, you will need version 3.03 or higher to use these functions. Opera users must use Opera 7 or higher.

For an example of the functionality provided by this interface, click the button below.