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XML for <SCRIPT> contains a number of comprehensive sample applications used to demonstrate the functionality of the project. Sample applications for the W3C Dom, the Classic DOM and the SAX parsers are included.

The Sample Code (Parsers) pages have the following structure:

Overview: Introduction and layout of the Parser Sample Code
W3C DOM: Sample application for the W3C DOM Parser
Classic DOM: Sample applications for the Classic DOM Parser
SAX: Sample applications for SAX Parser

Many of these sample applications are derivations of the same application (a contact manager). This re-implementation was intentional as it nicely points out the differences in coding style necessary to implement the same functionality with the different parsers offered by XML for <SCRIPT>.

This XML for <SCRIPT> Contact Manager Sample Application demonstrates the capability of using XML as a client-side disconnected database. All of the initialization data is sent to the browser on the initial page load. After that, the XML is modified entirely on the client side without the need to return to the server to save or recall further data. Once the data has been manipulated, the data can be sent back to the server in XML format for final processing by the server's XML processor.

For a more in-depth overview of XML for <SCRIPT>, you are highly encouraged to look at the source code for these example applications. These example applications demonstrate "real life" usage of the parsers and give a very good overview of the capabilities of the code.