HTML 4.01 strict HTML

XML for <SCRIPT> has been used successfully in a number of sophisticated applications. A couple of case studies are outlined below.

Content Creation

Case Study One Thumbnail

During the construction of a custom content management system, it was determined that the users of the system would need to be able to add, edit and create documents themselves without the need for IT intervention.

Since the content management system was totally XML-based and needed a web interface, XML for <SCRIPT> was an ideal choice. By utilizing XML for <SCRIPT> the entire XML document could be loaded into memory and manipulated without ever returning to the server.

By combining XML for <SCRIPT>, dynamic HTML and style sheets, the user interface of the content creator was generated on the fly to match the content of the XML document being manipulated. This allowed the content generator to work with a virtually unlimitied set of documents with a single code base for its user interface.

Once the user was finished manipulating the document, the form was submitted to the server. Since the client used XML for <SCRIPT> and already had an XML representation of the document, it was a simple matter to pass that same XML to the server where it could be loaded and manipulated as needed by the XML parser there.

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