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xmlIOProxy Test Suite

The xmlIOProxy Test Suite is useful for developers who are building implementations of the server-side proxy to be used with the xmlIOProxyLoadData function in xmlIO.js. It is also useful for JavaScript programmers, allowing them to gain an understanding of how that API allows them to load of XML data from outside their own domain.

NOTE: does not allow outbound connections from their hosting servers. Sadly, this makes it impossible to test XML for <SCRIPT>'s proxies from the SourceForge hosting environment. If you would like to run this test suite, please download and install one of XML for <SCRIPT>'s available proxies to your own web server and run the test suite from that machine.

For your convenience, you may also download the Java Proxy Reference Distribution (available from the download page) to quickly set up an environment where you may test this tool.

You may find more information about XML for <SCRIPT>'s available proxies and the Java Proxy Reference Implementation in the "Documentation" -> "Server-Side Proxies" section of the web site.