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Link Checker:

XML for <SCRIPT>'s Link Checker is a simple, Java-based console application that checks for broken links throughout a website. It was developed by David Joham to ensure that XML for <SCRIPT> 3.0 had no broken links in its website.

XML for <SCRIPT>'s Link Checker is based on the Acme Spider class, which can be found at A copy of the Acme Spider java source files is included with the Link Checker.

To use the Link Checker, you must first compile it from source. Compiling will also compile all of the Acme Spider support classes. The command to compile the link checker is:


NOTE: You must be in the contributedAdd-ons/linkChecker directory to compile the Link Checker program.

The Acme Spider classes do use some depricated methods. It is expected that you will see a deprication warning after your compile.

Once the LinkChecker is compiled, you may use it to check the links for any website by invoking it in the following way:

$java LinkChecker <URL to start test>

If you are on a local file system, don't forget to add the file:// protocol in front of your file name. For example:

$java LinkChecker file:///home/user/html/test.html

While Link Checker is running the test, you will see a status indicator on the screen. This status indicator outputs a single period for each file checked.

NOTE: If the URL to test includes a space in the path name, the URL to test must be enclosed in quotes. For example:

$java LinkChecker "file:///home/user/html/name with spaces.html"

By default, the Link Checker sends all of its output to standard out. If you would like to create a report file of the Link Checker's output, pipe standard out to whatever file you would like. For example:

$java LinkChecker file:///home/user/html/test.html > report.txt

will create a file named "report.txt" which will contain the results of the Link Checker's test.