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XML for <SCRIPT> is a powerful, standards-compliant JavaScript XML parser that is designed to help web application designers implement cross platform applications that take advantage of client-side manipulation of XML data. XML for <SCRIPT> provides a full suite of tools, including:

  • A standards-compliant W3C DOM Level 2 processor
  • An XPath processor
  • A standards-compliant SAX processor
  • A simple (classic) DOM processor
  • Proxies for XML retrieval from any domain
  • Utilities for XML and application development

XML for <SCRIPT> is Free software and is distrubuted under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public Licence (LGPL) , an open source license.

The ultimate goal of n-tier architecture is to separate the content of an application from its presentation. Unfortunately, most server-side technologies in use today do not make this goal easily attainable. It is not uncommon to see code such as the following in server-side scripts:

<input type="text" value="<%out.println(vrblName);%>">

XML for <SCRIPT> seeks to simplify web application development by providing developers the ability to send the data for their application in XML while the presentation is sent in HTML and style sheets. This XML can then be manipulated to initially populate any necessary form elements as well as store changes to the data. When finished with the manipulation of the data, the resulting XML string can then be sent back to the server. Since the data exchange is now 100% XML, the server can then process the new string with its own parser and take the appropriate actions.

The benefits of this architecture are many.

  • Server side code intermixed with HTML code can be reduced to almost nothing.
  • Client side code is simplified by having all form initialization in one place
  • Applications are now free to maintain their own data, reducing annoying round-trips to the server
  • Server side processing is simplified by having all relevant form data be submitted in XML

In effect, XML for <SCRIPT> allows n-tier client side application development to become a reality.

XML for <SCRIPT> is maintained by David Joham (djoham[at]yahoo[dot]com) with help from developers around the world.

Version 3.1 Adds

XPath Contributed Add-on
W3C Parser Bug Fixes

Version 3.0 Added

W3C DOM Processing
Updated Documentation
More Pre-Built proxies
Proxy-less XML Loading
New Site Layout
A Mailing List
More Contributed Add-ons
Change Log

XML for <SCRIPT> is Free Software and requires absolutely no licensing fees to use or redistribute. Donations to help support the future development of XML for <SCRIPT> are appreciated however. To donate, click the "Support This Project" link below. Thank you!

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